Monday, February 23, 2015

Jadeborn: A campaign pitch for Jadepunk

Below is the pitch for my #Jadepunk  game by way of Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series. I took the basis of Kausao City, made it a touch darker, and changed the governor o be a mythical figure so that he can serve as a single, identifiable bad guy. My players need a clearly defined win condition for our next game. He's it.

I'm tentatively calling it Jadeborn.

Mists, subtly colored in shifting hues by the nearby jade refineries, cling to everything; reaching out as though they are searching for some bit of life to hold onto. Nights are always dangerous in Kausao City, but nights like these make your skin crawl. The already dark and crowded streets lose all visibility, encouraging desperate men to make their move and lowering what few inhibitions the dangerous and powerful have about harming those they oppress.

Men like that think these nights belong to them. They're wrong.

These nights belong to you.

Kausao City can be beautiful. The billowing sails of huge ships float above the port like a snowy sea. Glistening airships sail overhead painted with the likenesses of dragons and the beautiful lettering of foreign lands. The spires of the rich and powerful lift to the skies like the praying hands of a hundred wisemen.

Beneath it all lay something darker. All around you men are treated like animals. They suffer in pitch black mines denied food until they meet their jade quotas. They are beaten in the fields because they are too weak to go on. They are killed in the streets because they crossed a rich man's path close enough that he was forced to smell them. They are, for all purposes, owned by nobles and corporations, unable to pay down debts to buy their freedom and move about because the cost of the meager housing and rotten food their masters supply is higher than the wage they earn, forcing their children to take on their burdens.

Streets and alleys crawl with gangs and predators. The wilds are full of beats mutated by pollution from factories and refineries. Buildings of the poor are left barely standing, coated in the ash and soot of a hundred thousand fires.

And somewhere out there among it all is a governor who styles himself a god. They claim that he is jadeborn, an immortal naturally infused with the power of jade. They say he is unstoppable, that his corrupt rule will last forever, that he is untouchable, unapproachable.

You're here to prove them wrong.

Maybe you can't get to him directly. Not yet. He is not without weaknesses however. His reign depends on a tight-fisted control over the nobles that oppress the common people, the corporations that dominate the production of jadetech, and a population too afraid to fight back.

In this lies his weakness. Corruption seeps from his rule like an infected wound. This is where you will hit him, striking at councilors near to him, taking down businesses that own men like slaves, and striking back at justice ministers who have been paid off or imprison men unjustly.

So pick up you razor sharp blade of green jade. Ready the red jade six guns. Prepare your black jade elixirs. However you choose, fight. Step out into this dark and dangerous night and teach evil men what it is to fear.