Friday, February 27, 2015

Jadeborn Prelude

Just to give you an idea where we're headed with the new game, here is the prelude story I sent to my players to get us in the mood for our first game, set up our starting point, and introduce a few important characters:

Daiyu ran toward the train holding the fragile bundle she had received from the jade engineer carefully. It was very light and delicate, and she feared that it would snap in her rush, but there was no time to lose. Behind her two men fought their way through the crowd yelling for everyone to get down, trying to bring their red jade pistols to bear.

She was running late, and the train was already in motion by the time she made it to the platform. By the time the first bullet sailed past her head, she knew she had little choice.

Without thinking she whipped out her nine section whip and shot its sharp, green jade tip out and into the wood of the train's car, leaping as the thing jerked her forward.The light, white jade latticework kite in her opposite hand fanned out, catching the wind and bringing her into an uncomfortable glide as the vehicle picked up speed and made its way to the outskirts of the city. She wouldn't be able to keep this up long, and she knew it, but with little choice she began winding the chain painfully around hand, bringing her closer to the train and safety.

Already she could hear the shouts of city guard inside the train, but she'd just need to stay on long enough to clear the edge of the city.

She needed help, or things in Kausao city were going to get a lot worse


Behind her, the Hu brothers cursed quietly, watching as the girl pulled herself atop the train before vanishing out of sight. If they couldn't take the girl they'd have to send some of their men after the old man's tea shop directly, and that was sure to make enough noise to attract unwanted attention.

Still, there was no help for it. The Qin family was paying them well, and they weren't the sort of men to fail on an assignment.